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Crossmedia technology

The profile of the institute lies in crossmedia exploration of time-space-related issues. Students are encouraged to get acquainted with analog as well as digital methods for spatial composition and to utilize them according to the particular design concept.

Constructive side-by-side of high-tech and low-tech is at the focus of education.

To show the high potential in the diversity of methods, media and solutions is our goal. The more subjective and speculative the results will be, the more vivid will be the discourse. In alternation of media we see the chance of stimulating students according to their abilities and character striving for utmost differentiated personalities.

In doing so, computers are seen not as a welcome tool for solving presentation problems efficiently but as a new media, that naturally will generate new solutions.

For it is the 'chaotic', non-linear and complex processing of these machines - as of our human brains - that is accountable for their attractiveness.

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