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MEDIA DESIGN | Bit-mapping space | Photographic spatial structures

Photographic recordings are a representational technique which is gaining more importance for our spatial habitat. Representations of local associations were still being realized almost exclusively by maps and plans of various scales until only a few years ago. The abstract drawn conveyance of the environment has also been extended by a photographic illustration of reality with the introduction of Google Earth´s satellite imaging service, in addition to overcoming a fixed scale. The limitation of a viewpoint to the vertical, almost parallel view from above has been overcome with the introduction of the Street View´s panoramic image service.

Further photo services with technically different functions have been positioned in the market as a result. In particular, Microsoft´s Streetside competing service with its integrated Photosynth 3D photo service has the potential for establishing a photographic view of our environment in another way once again.

The dependences between photographic technology and local representation shall be investigated fundamentally in the bit-mapping space seminar, within the context of advancing development by photo-based map services. The structural interdependences between the real spatial association, photographed scenery within the picture and the camera´s structural movement will be researched experimentally in their own application and then materialized via various media and techniques. A suitable real place for the processing must be chosen by the participants themselves.

Concept and management of the project by: Philipp Reinfeld.