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MEDIA DESIGN | The flow of things

The “Flow of things” is an artistic film which reflects the continuous sequences of a kind of Rube-Goldberg machine. This linear array of improvised devices for generating flames, movement, chemical reactions, foam and similar items that is set up in a storage hall and has a length from 20 to 30 metres, will be set in motion when the film begins and it then runs similarly to a chain reaction: whereby one element respectively transmits a moving impulse to the next element. Inclined planes, tin cans, tyres, plastic bottles, firework bodies, air balloons that are filled with gas or will be brought down to land and many other things will be utilized.
This film will be used as the occasion for investigating space-time phenomena and for transferring them into kinetic material structures. The individual material systems will be linked conceptually and formally into a common model, like happens in a film strip.

Directed by: Stefan Neudecker

final cooperative "postproduction" object by EMD first term students