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MEDIA DESIGN | Sequential urban movie objects

How does the appearance of a place by physical presence change, if moving pictures of the place is the only consideration used for its acquisition?
Starting material of the semester work are self-made or found film, television or the Internet footage of urban environments. Based on a graphic analysis of the multi-perspective film material, a background spatialization is to be created with the resulting vector graphics in the digital 3-D space. In the so-emerging "spatialized film sequences", new moving images are taken by virtual cameras. Due to their logical transformation, the animations have structural similarities with the original cinematic scenes of urban place.
The virtual 3D models will be rematerialized through digital and analogue modeling techniques. The resulting 20 (approximately) "film objects" by the participants are to be positioned in a dynamic process with each other through a model field; while in reference to its neighboring objects, a further structural transformation process is created.

Directed by: Philipp Reinfeld