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MEDIA DESIGN | From the image plane into the depth: The reality of the medial image

Nowadays, since nearly everything is captured with cameras, and some of its real relevance is only found by the medial rendition; this changing of an object in the exclusive perspective of its technical image will be examined.

On monitors and canvases in film and television, the Internet, in advertisements, on displays of mobile phones and navigation equipment, in magazines, on postcards and posters, on house fronts - in nearly all ranges of our surroundings, there is constantly a rising relevance from medially mediated spatial images to be observed. Everyday life and omnipresent medial picture creations cross in the consciousness dialectically.

Which pictures are shaped by the media, which perception principles do they use and which effect does the medial illustration of the space have on the development of the material environment?

The task is the analysis with the differences and dependence between medial picture and material object: How does the scenery in the exclusive view change in a produced technical image by static or dynamic means? Sought after are objects, whose shape, structure or logical transformations are developed with or against a figuratively medial phenomenon.

Directed by: Philipp Reinfeld