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MEDIA DESIGN | Bachelor Design Project | WEAVING WORLDS

In his essay Of Knots and Blocks: Architecture as Weaving, Tim Ingold describes and two juxtaposes two distinct ways of thinking architecture. There is the world built of blocks; a hierarchical assembly of preformed “components of a totality that already exist”. In contrast there is also a world made from looping strands that twist around one another, weaving patterns, growing without ever reaching completion. Here there is no abstraction of completion be it the form of a blueprint or an image, but a form that emerges from a process.

This semester we will explore the tension between these two ways of designing and making. One where making is a matter of building up and another where making means carrying on. The loops and knots of crochet will be our medium for exploration and the objective will be two to build a myriad of textiles three-dimensional structures.

Concept/taught by: Carolina Meirelles R. S. Menezes

Student work by:
A_Alwin Foerstner, Hans Kyaw Lat, Lennard Schmuck, Robert Sievert, Victoria Walter, Yasmina Schenk
B_Annika Ellrott, Luisa Empacher, Inke Riebesehl, Emma Schreiber, Greta Sperling, Emilia Walbracht WORLD_001.jpg WORLD_001 copy.jpg Abgabe3.jpg Abgabe2.jpg