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MEDIA DESIGN | Space modulator

Task of the project is to design a "space modulator". A space modulator is a kinetic object, which produces geometric patterns with the aid of moving forms and flexible materials. The resulting pattern can be tangible or a light-like nature.
The space modulator is composed of simple materials and elements that produce highly differentiated complex shapes and effects. The space modulator follows the principle of the self-formation of forms. This self-formation can be described as an automatic shaping of a structure, which strives for the equilibrium of the inherent and exerted forces in dependence of the respective material properties. When designing self-forming shapes, the concrete appearances are to be set to a lesser extent than the parameters under which shapes are formed and changed. Examples of self-generating structures are hanging chain networks, which under their own weight form ideal curved lines, or paper strips which bulge under the influence of pressure and retention forces. Just as self-generating forms, imaginary figures can also be considered which form under the influence of a rapid, repetitive movement. Such a figure was created by the constructivist artist Naum Gabo in 1920 as he brought a vertical standing rod to oscillate using a motor.
The forms generated by the space modulator will be recorded in different phases of movement and implemented using linear and surface materials in space.

Directed by: Carolin Höfler