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MEDIA DESIGN | Photo stitching reality

Private collections of pictures have found the way from home photo albums to the World Wide Web´s public with the digitalizing of photographic technology and photographic archiving. Millions of photographs are being made accessible publicly through online portals like Flickr, Panoramio or Picasa and they are categorized via key words or located by geographical references. Infinitely many private photographs can be called up from one place within seconds in this way, each according to the relevance (for tourists).

A possible reality must be designed for this place in the "Photo-stitching reality no. 2" seminar, for the purposes of processing an “inverse problem” on the basis of analysing an environment's specific (pictorial) parameters according to the service or collection of photos which is provided. The working process will thereby progress in a blurred and ambiguous way (in contrast to a directly generative one) because one must interpolate from a smaller to a larger dimension and the changing relationship between the scenery and the camera´s positions represents a dynamic system. The purely material, three-dimensional representation of the local building structure shall be overcome in the dynamic zone between the individual photographic observation of every single observer and of the scenery which can be derived from all of the pictures as a cross-section.

The multitude of perspective recordings does not lead to defining a unique "correct" reality on account of its individual characteristics and the production´s intention but a multitude of possible "relevances" is realized instead, according to the applied structuring method of the photos and their parts.

Concept and management of the project by:
Philipp Reinfeld.