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FIELD TRIP | Connecting the Dots | Berlin Rummelsburg

The former power plant Berlin Rummelsburg is located directly at the Spree River on the east side of the city opposite to the abandoned “Spreepark” - a former fairground.
Built by the Bewag and put into operation in 1906 the building was only used for few decades before the newly built power station Klingenberg replaced its function.

The ever since unused building and its site are located in an industrial area, cut off the city by train tracks in the north, next to allotments and a shipyard to the east and the power station Klingenberg to the west while the riverbank tangents the southern end.

Yet, the development pressure has not reached the site.
Currently the waterside of the site is temporarily used for music festivals on a few weekends throughout the year.

In 2001 a competition dealt with the potential development of the site, but since then there are no current plans to develop the site.

The experimental design project CONNECTING THE DOTS deals with the question of a useful and future proof visionary use of the place.

Photography and directed by: Nicolai Schlapps
Photography © Nicolai Schlapps