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MEDAIA DESIGN | Ambiguous Composing

In the philosophical theory of phenomenology, the “indecisiveness” of the photographic representation of a city respective to the pictured, physically real settings shall be described. The differences between the photographic intentions to photograph a place do not lead to the solidification of one and only “correct“ reality, but instead enable – depending on the structuring method of the photo and its parts respective to one another– but to the visualization of a variety of different “states of being”.
In the seminar ambiguous composing the photo based “reconstruction” of a city shall be achieved using self-chosen base parameters:
• Use of private photo collections of cities from the internet (Flickr, Panoramio, Google photo search ...)
• Use of commercially created, constantly growing (grid) image space in photo map services (Google Street View, Microsoft Street Side / Street Slide ...).
• Creation of a self designed, structured photo system of a city (Panoramas, flow charts...). 
The goal is the exemplary pictorial spatialisation of the structural connections between a real city, those photographic images taken by ?him? and the camera standpoints used to take the photos. 

Directed by:
Philipp Reinfeld.