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EXHIBITION | CNC-milling research-project | Frankfurt towers

In the context of the design project "Frankfurt high-rise" the IMD continues the successful cooperation with the HAWK Hildesheim. Together with students of the TU-BS and Hawk, tower objects are selected to be materialized in 5-axis CNC milling.

Christopher Peetz developed a twin-tower of two counter-rotational movements. These movements describe the possible development of the site and visualize the expected auditory and visual experiences. The load-bearing skin of the interior consists of an integrated cellular system, which individually adjusts to the different forces. The adaptive structure is based on a self-organizing chameber model, which dates back to the mathematician Georgy Voronoi.

In contrast to the organized in clusters high-rise containers of Frankfurt, Moritz Mombour designs a sculptural tower shape as a dominant stand-alone building. With the diagonal and orthogonal lines, which are derived from the urban environment and projected onto the plastic form, the vibrating skin of the interior is ordered and structured. In this way a wickerwork of broad, intertwined and intersecting lines is created.

The shape of the building by Mathias Scheuren is based on an examination of the effect of the building from the perspective of the pedestrian. The subjective perception of the building from various locations in the area will be analyzed through drawings and used to deform the building. The freestanding, lean round tower gets a load-bearing facade module out of interlaced triangular elements which flexibly fit the various curves of the structure.

In cooperation with: Norbert Linda, Renke Abels and the CNC-milling lab-students of the HAWK-Hildesheim.

Directed by:
Prof. Matthias Karch with Carolin Hoefler and Norbert Linda