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EXHIBITION | Explosee | Braunschweig

The one-week workshop is devoted to exploded architectural drawings as a spatial design and presentation method. Beginning with a series of photos of the Iduna Centre high-rises in Braunschweig (1966-72) by Friedrich Wilhelm Kraemer, abstract collages and drawings will be developed that examine the architectural, structural and graphical qualities of the buildings from the early 1970s. Afterwards the notations are to be interpreted spatially, in which the drawing theme undergoes an intensive three-dimensional development.

For further processing of the space models, the exploded drawings are to be implemented as a presentation technique. An exploded view is a type of representation for drawings and graphics, which shows a complex subject in perspective and also broken into its component parts. With this kind of representation, the sum of the whole is placed in comparison to its parts as well as their clarified position.

At the workshop, this type of representation is to be transferred into three dimensions and explosion models developed which integrate the time as the "fourth dimension". These models go beyond the usual function of an exploded view in terms of instructions for the assembly of components and also provide information on design strategies and structural considerations of the architect. The geometrically complex, time-based exploded objects stress the processual character of architectural design and oscillate between detection and concealment of the relationship between line, surface area, body and space.

Directed by: Fabian Busse, Nicolai Schlapps