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EXHIBITION | Raum:Ge:Bild:e | BDA-Galerie Braunschweig

Intermediate students in cooperation with the Photomuseum Braunschweig

The Exhibition-architecture invokes a dialog between image and space, between plane and volume, between reality and virtuality. 'Image' in this case means to be a construction-medium of architecture: space is not only visualized by an image, space is generated by an image. The specific idea for the exhibition-architecture was to work with this special interference between image and space. The objects to be seen are showing students proposals for a new museum of photography in Braunschweig.

Exhibition-Architectue and Realization: Stefan Gottschlich and Julian Hartwig
Leporello and Poster: Juliane Demel
Directed by: Torsten Heine and Carolin Höfler with Prof. Matthias Karch