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EXHIBITION | SpaceInversions | Architectural pavillon at the TU-Braunschweig

spaceInversions is the inversion of parametric structuring principles. The modular units’ structural intelligence generates a dynamic field of differentiatedly shaped forms instead of the individual module being adapted to the overall form. Cellular elements are exchangeable in the system and they can be reproduced with mass-manufacturing methods.

Space-filling working models made from Styropor have been developed by following this principle within the framework of a design project. Powerful elements comprising structural systems with complex space-filling properties and composed of mono-modular elements are created and derived from periodic and aperiodic space lattices with the help of a process-orientated method of design. Analogous model-building techniques, digital simulating procedures and computer-assisted fabricating methods have been developed as a result, via an integrally interlocked and precisely constructed fabricating process with CNC-assisted hot wire-cutting machines. The accessible large structures that have been created in serial production can be seen in the spaceInversions exhibition.

Duration _6th of June 2011 until the 14th of June 2011

This project is a modeling- scripting- and materialization workshop of Bachelor students.

Serigraph announcement poster by: Katharina Puhle
Directed by: Stefan Neudecker