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MEDAIA DESIGN | Raumparallaxe | Design for a 3-dimensional Projection screen

The central difference between the photographic image of a scene and the three-dimensional scenery itself, lies in their different dimensionality: While the photograph as an information carrier only has a two-dimensional surface available, the space with its extra dimension of depth further contains a significant degree of freedom.

In a single monoscopic photograph, the recording position, direction of view, focal length and framing can not be changed by the viewer. All important parameters of the perception of the place are predetermined.

The difference between image and space decreases once there are two photographic images from the same place: if two images show an object from different perspectives, information about the third dimension of the scene can be calculated solely on the basis of this pair. The offset of the seen elements to each other based on the distance of the eyes (parallax), forms the basis of the human ability to perceive his environment in space.

The stereoscopic vision however is only the starting point of increasing the dimensionality of the human visual impression. The dynamics of physical movement in space leads to an additional perspective motion parallax displacement of the elements, thus increasing our spatial reality impression significantly.

In the impromptu task "SPACE PARALLAX", the relationships between spatial and visual appearance of a place should be actively changed both on reception and presentation level by stereoscopic recording and projection equipment. The aim is to display an image pair in a position-dependent, by movement of the viewer changing, multi-layered image construction through a spatially structured surface.

Directed by: Philipp Reinfeld