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Architectural Design | Blind Spot

Germany, one of the largest consumers of coal, has decided to shut down all coal-fired power plants by 2038. But current development in the Ukraine crisis could significantly impact this decision.
The goal of this seminar was to use photogrammetry and mapping tools to define and show the relationship between "actions" and "spaces" related to industrial coal mining in Germany.

Since the visual resources for this project were primarily video and the research was conducted remotely and across multiple times and locations, video-based photogrammetry was the most important part of the strategy for this project.

Concept|Directed by Mohammad Reza Abdollahi Bidhendi

Student works by Gesa Teichert, Felix Kramer, Inke Riebesehl

Gesa Teichert, Felix Kramer : Lost Places

Inke Riebesehl: Die Haidemühler Glashütte