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MEDIA DESIGN | Experimental workshop | Paper cuts

The project deals with the spatial representation of architecture on the surface area, in which a computer controlled laser cutting machine is used as a "drawing means ". The task is to design a paper relief, which shows a spatial figuration out of serial and varying structural elements. These will be planar and spatial structures, but also free lines as well as basic lattice and hole structures superimposed. By removing the material with the laser cutting machine, a rhythm of empty spaces and holes are created which are form building. The rhythm of the openings purports the contours of a structural structure.

When asked what associations are connected with the term "rhythm", it's importance as time structuring element in the music is always in the foreground. Here he describes the regular sequence of patterns as a result of different durations. For the excellent violinist Paul Klee, musicality was one of the central form building criteria within his artistic work and artistic thought. Using the terms "rhythm" and "beat" Klee interweaved music and painting in such a way that it seemed that he could could easily move back and forth between the two areas. To a systematic examination of the correlations between music and painting, it was during his time as a teacher at the state funded Bauhaus in Weimar. Klee gave his students an artistic awareness process in his beginner's course, that came forth from analytical considerations to visible "structural rhythms". He started regularly from a rectangular grid structure as the basis for the moment of repeating similar motifs. He defined the beat as the "structural network, on which the quantity and quality of musical ideas play".

Directed by: Carolin Höfler