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ROBOTIC DESIGN LAB | Bachelor and Master Research Project | COOLING CLAY

Robotic subtractive fabrication for evaporative cooling installations

Porous ceramics have long been used as temperature regulating containers through evaporative cooling. This seminar investigated further applications of these concepts in contexts such as facades, walls and hanging installations. Combining the versatility and precision of robotic fabrication with the properties of terracotta led to intricate geometrical pieces that function simultaneously as all-natural cooling systems.

Supervision: Carolina Meirelles Reis Sotero de Menezes
Support: Luiza Barbosa Martins & Viktor Przyborowski
Hardware: UR10 + UR5

Student work by:

Bricks with channels for water flow and carved sides for additional surface area
Philipp Baum, Christian Bodenstein, Fabian Uliczka

Tiles with interior channels for water flow and pressed surfaces
Tim Daniel, Mario Martinez Llopis, Pablo Pinazo Riera

Hanging installation with twisting water receptacles
Catharina Boehm, Cleo Giesemann, Jakob Hillert render_1.jpg presentation_Page_16_1.jpg presentation_Page_10_1.jpg presentation_Page_11_1.jpg presentation_Page_15_1.jpg - 1_1_1.jpg structure_Página_06_1.jpg structure_Página_03_1.jpg structure_Página_08_1.jpg structure_Página_25_1.jpg structure_Página_29_1.jpg