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MEDIA DESIGN | Experimental Printing Workshop | Rather than plan

Even the first maps were used, not only to reflect the building structure, but also the social order. After the 18th Century of cartographic accuracy and objective presentation being the primary goal, being achieved by means of graphic simplicity; Mapping has enjoyed a growth in popularity since the last century's art scene. In addition to architectural structures, the mobile factors of man and the movement of traffic come into account. This comparison of static and mobile elements creates the charm of the city space. The time factor plays a key role because it is inherent in all forms of movement and change. Graphs, sequences, and statistics offer the opportunity to involve the interaction between society and space, urban space and urban life into the presentation. By leaving the pure bird's eye view and including the interchange of the respective district, we come to a wealth of impressions that are perceived with all senses.

Directed by: Katharina Puhle