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MEDIA DESIGN | Wolfsburg Westhagen _Late Modernity 2.0 | Medial analysis and structural updating

Wolfsburg's Westhagen provides in its building structure a typical representative of late modern housing estate planning of the 1970s. The "density of the pack" reached in such major projects of anonymous urban living is without an exemplary in European planning history. With today's possibilities of social networking via the WWW, the spatial concept of such settlement forms could undergo a new assessment beyond the physical "Isolation" of its inhabitants: How could the opinion of such unpopular relics of modern planning euphoria change when the social environment no longer is bound by "My block, My street, my neighborhood, my city ", but rather open for interaction in the digital space?

The participants of the project are to examine in this context the district of Westhagen using a specific medium and a method, which is to be developed. All currently available perceptual, recording and communication techniques can be applied. In the radical restriction of the individually experienced approach, a catalog of records is to originate in the sum of approaches, a medially differentiated protocol of the place.

The specific records of the project area are to be converted into graphic representations. The developed analyses of the place are then to be applied to sections of the planning area and developed into the third dimension. By means of large-scale models of the residential blocks, the collected information is to be processed spatially, so that it impacts the built structure sculpturally.

In this context, the design is understood primarily as the accurate and creative spatial processing of the appointed mono-medial observations of the area. The resulting models are to attain multiple readability. They can be understood on the one hand as a multifaceted analysis of the site, or if acceptable on the other hand as transformations for space-forming development scenarios of a possible future Westhagen.

Idea and Concept: Katharina Puhle & Philipp Reinfeld
Implementation and Support: Philipp Reinfeld with Hendrik Lindemann