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ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN | Adaptive High-Rise Facade

Digital workshop _MAYA

The Ernst Reuter Square was West Berlin’s answer to the loss of Berlin Mitte which was inaccessible after the building of the wall in 1961. From today’s perspective, the square seems like it fell right out of that time. Several strucutres no longer commericially intersting; the composition of the square is neglected. The empty high-rise building on the property, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 6, should be demolished and replaced by an advanced, modern architecture.

The short-term workshop begins with the fundamentals of the NURBS-MODELING and ends with the design of an adaptive façade structure for a building that stands 80 meters high. The adaptability relates to the influence of sun, wind and noise, as well as to the dynamic of the square’s traffic.

The goal is to achieve a dialogue between the TELEFUNKEN high rise from the architects Schwebes and Schoszberger built in 1960, which stands directly in the neighbourhood. This building is protected by historical monument laws and has become a distinctive architectural landmark for the Ernst Reuter Square. With the help of corresponding software plug-ins, which we have at our disposal, the form finding processes of such architectural structure systems can be managed.

Directed by: Prof. Matthias Karch