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EXHIBITION | Mediaturen | Architektur Galerie werkraum _Berlin

The programmatic IMD-exhibition in Berlin shows a thematically compiled multidue of timebased, generative and parametric design objects of the institute's current studio classes. The students of the first year studio use predominantly analogous methods of drawing, designing and modeling. The advanced students work with digital methods of designing spatial structures and materializing architectural models. They explore a wide range of CAAM methodes like lasercutting, 3D-printing, digital styrocutting, CNC-miling et cetera. The idea of our classes is a strategic intermedia mix of analogous and digital materialization of spatial issues.

First year- and intermediate students
In cooperation with: Manfred Fischer, Jennifer Hauger, Carolin Hoefler, Katharina Puhle, Philipp Reinfeld
Realisation of the exhibition wall: Steffen Busse, Mirko Prahl, Tanja Rudahl
Opening lecture: Prof. Dr. Ludger Hovestadt - ETH-Zuerich
Directed by: Prof. Matthias Karch with Carolin Höfler