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MEDIA DESIGN | Experimental Printing Workshop | Space on the drawing

The classic planimetric representational processes of architectural drawing, like sectional and elevational drawings, are only one method of describing and illustrating spatial associations. Despite its dimensional accuracy and its exact correspondence with the built reality, the matter concerns abstract and codified graphic processes which ignore many aspects of space and have little to do with the space as we perceive it. Nevertheless, they have a great significance not only in the design process but also in their role as a conveyor of spatial ideas.

We want to investigate and combine existing architectures in various experimental arrangements, regarding this difference between the planned illustration and the built reality. The classic representation on plan must be analysed in the first phase for this purpose and then checked for its informational content. Which role does the chosen form play for the actual space? How does the chosen technique affect the architecture´s development? Which standpoints have been chosen for the perspective views and why?

New graphic methods will be generated during the further development with the help of experimental series of tests and systematic spatial investigations, which are able to record different aspects of the space. The matter will concern abstract diagrammatic representations while doing so, which illustrate space-time relationships. It applies as having to be proved with these graphic versions, that the matter does not concern any set magnitudes for space but a variable mass, which must be served by different illustrations in order to be recorded in its entirety.

The graphics will develop their own dynamics as a result: they will not be only representative for something any longer but generate new spaces in the depth of the drawing´s background as well.
The object of the seminar´s investigation will be the urban district of Detmerode in Wolfsburg. Its clear, planned, urban structure with grid-like facades forms the ideal place in order to bring together and graphically convert the interplay of planned architectural representation and distortedly perceived space.

Directed by: Katharina Puhle