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Carolina Meirelles R. S. Menezes

Carolina Meirelles R. S. Menezes is a multi-displinary designer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has studied at the AA School of Architecture’s woodland campus in Hooke Park, England where she completed an MSc. in Design and Make (Timber Technologies). She also holds a bachelor degree in Industrial Design from Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro.

At Hooke Park, her research focused on the intersection between digital fabrication processes and knowledge acquired exclusively through embodied making. Previous work has included a range of digitally designed and manufactured installations in Poland and Germany.

Besides working as a computational designer, Carolina is also a design facilitator having led design workshops and summits focused on development in the Amazon, Botswana and Ethiopia alongside NGOs and MIT’s D-Lab. Sanitation, hygiene and digital inclusion have been some of the themes undertaken in these workshops.

Teaching at IMD:

Robotic Fabrication | Cooling Clay

Media Design | Flickwerk

Media Design | Scaffolds

Robotic Fabrication | Projective Fabrications

Media Design | Weaving Worlds

Media Design | Codifying Embodied Practices