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MEDIA DESIGN | Bachelor Design Project | Spatial Informa(p)tions 2 | Berlin Mediaspree

The first step in architecture should be a deep analysis of the site, its history, social and political conditions, geometries and people.
By mapping the urban conditions of the Berlin Mediaspree area in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain along the Spree river and transforming the drawings into experimental isometric graphics a multi-layered and unique perspective of the place is revealed.
The combination of architectural tools and methodology with artistic concepts form hybrid models of mixed media and techniques.

Concept and directed by Nicolai Schlapps
Student Tutor: Jan Funk
Student work by
Friedrichshain West to East:
Marla David, Miriam Hussam Saad Elghazaly, Simon Pfeffer, Guangyuan Yu
Vedat Cakabay, Mareike Finnern, Marike Postel
Katharina Mann, Stefan Schenkel, Antonia Elisabeth Von Arnim
Hans Christian Nicolai Carl, Paul Reimers, Niklas Zmuda Trzebiatowski
Janik Ginter, Felix Kramer, Francisco Perez
Kreuzberg West to East:
Zijun Lin, Zhenan Tian, Da Xu
Jakob-Fabian Hillert, Jason Mayer, Jerome Schloh
Linda Tran-Chau Huynh, Lea Löwe, Van Anh Nguyen
Mélusine Balke, Robert Schröder, Janna Vollrath
Jessica Hahn, Sophie-Marie Haux, Hannah Nele Kluge, Elmas Senol
Lisa Jagemann, Jasmin Pistoor, Heiko Stielau
Photography © Nicolai Schlapps