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What spatial stories are to be told at Berlin Gleisdreieck?

The Park am Gleisdreieck Berlin is located on a former railway area between Kreuzberg, Schöneberg and Tiergarten. The project transformed freight rails into one of the biggest, liveliest and most used parks of the city.
While this is an upgrade for leisure, nature and the urban fabric, it also catalyzed massive changes in the surrounding neighborhoods. Former backsides facing noise and traffic became prime development areas and attracted wealthy homeowners and tenants.
While the green park with activities and areas for everyone is loved by most, some fear about their living situation due to high rents and gentrification.

We went to investigate the situation, the vision, its potentials, made mistakes and options of the park and the surrounding urban districts. By applying reverse modeling strategies, we built hybrid narrative models to analyze, understand and communicate our findings.

Concept and directed by Nicolai Schlapps
Student tutor Antonia Cordes
Student work by
INFRASTRUCTURE: Robert Engel, Lina Gauert, Daniel Rindert, Yannis Rosse, Norris Thompson
ANIMATION: Dieter Beckert, Friedrich Mühlmann, Rahel von Freier, Rebekka Windels, Jakob Windisch, Josepha Zadow
Photography © by Nicolai Schlapps